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I will try again tomorrow

Blob Babies!!!

This is my 2nd post today…

Mum usually has be order some herbal supplements over the internet for her. Of course it all gets sent directly to our house in NZ, or I’d die from postage costs! She also convinced me to buy one of the products for my own use… so… yesterday I began taking an intestinal cleanser. I figured if it works and and takes away my bloated gut feeling, I’m healthier, then it’s great, but if it doesn’t surely shouldn’t hurt either. So… this is the stuff…

“soluble” my foot!

It’s a granulated powdery stuff (Psyllium Husk) that you’re supposed to stir into a glass of water and drink. It’s supposedly all fiber, with no other real nutritional value, and will “scrape” clean your intestinal walls… so basically it all comes out the other side leaving your insides extra squeaky clean! It’s supposed to be able to expand to many many times absorbing water and thus being able to clean off all the toxic buildup inside me. I have yet to feel the effects but of course it’s too early to say! Though I’m not particularly looking forward to toiletting… I’ve seen (totally by accident, while stumbling websites last yr) photos on the internet where people who were touting some other intestinal-cleanser-detox-type supplement were taking pictures of their own shit (I’m not kidding!!!) and posting them online! I’m certainly NOT about to do that! That’s just sick!

Of course the product claims to be good for you, just like all other products. But one of the things that convinced me to take it, is really because I heard somewhere that Intestinal/Colon Cancer is surprisingly common. “It is the third most common form of cancer”.  Diets high in red meat and low in fiber can have higher risk of colon cancer but the facts are controversial (I’m summarizing here… go to the site to find out more), not that I eat a lot of red meat, mostly cos it’s so expensive, but I don’t get a lot of fresh fruits and fibers cos I’m allergic to so much stuff. But No harm taking a few precautions right? After taking this stuff, your bowel movements are supposed to be more regular (what’s regular anyway?). It can apparently be used as a mild laxative and can be taken up to 3 times daily… though I can’t imagine why anybody would want to go through the drinking of this gross stuff more than once a day! It’s tasteless but also pretty awful to drink! Instructions say to stir one teaspoonful into a glass of water and drink immediately without waiting. I thought, “hey that doesn’t seem like much” so I glugged it down and *ugh* I felt like I was drinking contaminated or dirty water! And it’s not the taste but the feeling of the somewhat insoluble granules, feels like drinking water with sand in it (now I know why mum drinks it with juice). On the bottle it says that taking it without water, or without enough water will cause it to swell become a choking hazard… Whoa!!

Then I got curious today and decided to put a little less than a teaspoonful into a small (Chinese) soup bowl of water. At first it looked pretty much like the stuff I’d been downing once a day… liquidy and grainy. Then after about 5 minutes it turned to this…

EEK!!! *glop gloop plop*

This glue like texture was disgusting! It looks like someone with a bad case of the flu blew out the contents of his (cos girls produce so much less snot!) nose after spending a very windy day at the beach! GROSS! I can’t believe this is what I’m putting inside my body! I left it alone for a while and did a few things and forgot about it. I came back about another 10 minutes later and it had transformed into a gelatinous glob too disgusting to photograph! >_< I thought I’d just bred the offspring of “THE BLOB” in my kitchen! I felt it too dangerous to wash down the sink so I plopped “Baby Blob” into a plastic bag and double bagged it (to make sure it suffocated) and threw it in the trash. *shudders* What am I doing to my body?! Breeding Blob Babies?!?!

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5 Responses to “Blob Babies!!!”

  1. urm…. i dare not drink it lor… haha…

    even if u pay me to drink it… i rather not… 😛

  2. Mei

    cool stuff you have there, not that I would drink it. Have you tried dragonfruit. It is a very good fruit to eat if you want effective bowel movement. Even better when you eat the red meat dragonfruit, you have this very nice purplish looking fluorescence in your waste product.

  3. Bell

    Dexxie,it’s really not that bad! If you drink it fast enough and with juice, you can pretend it’s the juice pulp… *I’m in denial*

    Mei, Hmm… Dragon Fruit = Purple Poop? I must go to the Asian store to check out if they have any in store! Haha!

  4. Ha ha. This post is funny. Sorry to hear you’re allergic to a lot of stuff (fresh fruit and vegetables?). Have you tried raw fennel as a salad (sliced with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and olive oil)? Dried fruit such as apricot and prunes are a good source of fibre too.

  5. Bell

    Argus, It’s pretty funny, I’m still concocting them blob babies in my guts everyday… Don’t really feel or notice any difference though. I’m allergic mostly to fruits, OK with veges. Not a big fan of fennel, though thanks for the suggestion ^_^

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