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I will try again tomorrow


My head feels about to explode. And while I’m not shivering, my whole body feels… how would I describe this feeling… like it’s vibrating (?)… I know it’s a little confusing but it’s like I can feel my cells moving and my blood coursing through my veins… my muscles are stiff but not sore. My nose is blocked and bloody (on the inside) and my throat is raw from coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose… I see blood spots in my *gross* mucus, but no panicking ok, it’s normal, just my throat and nose membranes all raw and damaged. I’m not THAT sick, but I’m sick enough that I can’t do the simplest things properly, I feel weak and on the verge of breaking… I want to cry but it’s so pointless. I want to rest yet I feel restless. I might just break down… Yet maybe not. Surely I’m stronger than this?!

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