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A few mundane things to talk about…

Just as the post title says… just a few little ramblings on what’s going on. Nothing exciting… no need to read this even! I leave that choice to the reader… tis your eyes that burn, not mine 😛

First things first, about the problem in my previous post… I managed to fix/revive my visual text editor in my WordPress dashboard, but my composition text-box is now a funny sand colour. Not that it bothers me… I just don’t know what to do with it. Apparently I’m not the only person with this problem, and it’s easily fixed. I found the answer here at JaypeeOnline… the problem was a whole year old… O_o am I slow or what huh?! There’s some small differences in how I encountered the problem though. Most peoples’ visual text editors disappeared when they updated to a newer version, but mine disappeared for no reason, and that was when I made an attempt to first change the template thinking I screwed something up , and second update to a newer version of WordPress… all with failed results. Only today I found the answer on google. It’s fixed but I wonder if it’s entirely fixed? The other little thing that’s either screwed up or different because of a newer version (not that I’d know the difference!) is that the composition of my posts is by default justified center rather than left… a little odd but it doesn’t bother me to just shift everything to the left with my (now returned) visual text editor. *shrugs* Oh well~

Secondly… I STILL haven’t decided whether or not to keep this blog template design, which is why I haven’t changed the colour coordinations of anything in the sidebar. It’s really pretty and I like it, I really do, I wouldn’t have downloaded it otherwise! BUT… ShoutOut is squished/cut off to fit the sidebar. And my blog posts don’t have “Next post” or “Previous Post” links that I like so much with my older template… Neither do they allow you to surf away to older pages in my archives… bummer! What happens to my family who only read my blog once a month but can’t see more than 5 posts at any one time? Oops!? No… I can’t have that now can I? Kinda sucks. But I just LOVE the tabs at the top with a link to “home” and other pages and stuff. What a dilemma! I know… I know… If I’m so fussy I should just design my own… but I’m hopeless! No idea where to even start… so many things to consider… the codes make me go like this –> @__@ *RAH RAH RAH*

Thirdly… Yes there’s more… Leon and Bella (friends who were visiting from NZ) left this afternoon for Geneva, and tonight they catch a night train to Rome *jealous*. From Rome they take another train (next day) to Paris and Nice Ville (that’s the name of the place, also in France) then to London where they’ll spend about a week. Night trains all the way to save on hotel costs! I can’t believe their schedule! Will they even have time to breathe?! After London, they take another train to Brussels (that’s in Belgium) and then Berlin and back to Bern. They’ll be back from their whirlwind tour of Europe for only 2 more days before flying home to NZ. *wipes sweat off forehead* Having said all that unnecessary stuff, We had plenty of fun over the past couple of days. There’ll be plenty of photos when I get round to posting them… Probably after they return from their Europe tour, cos I wanna grab some photos from them. Leon is sooooo trigger happy with his new DSLR camera (which he practically got for free!) so I’m sure I’ll be able to grab some pretty nice pics from him to post when I properly talk about their time spent here with us in another post later in the month (April that is…).

Finally something freaky happened to me last night! I lost all feeling in my right arm. The experience leaves me wondering if my arm might have fallen off if I didn’t wake up at 3am. *shivers* What happened was I woke at about 3am and sat up for no particular reason. I reached up to rub my eye when I felt something bump against my right leg. A little freaked, i looked down and there was my arm hanging by my knee… “oh hi there arm!” Of course I don’t greet my arm! I looked oddly at it thinking why didn’t I realise it was my arm? I tried to move it and was alarmed that I couldn’t! I touched it with my left arm and felt nothing… it felt like someone had attached a rubber arm to my shoulder… no feeling whatsoever. I picked up my arm and it flopped just like it was rubber! I then felt it a little and it felt warm, unlike when you’ve been sleeping on your arm for too long and the feeling goes out of it cos you cut off your blood supply. It took about 10 – 15 minutes (or it felt that long) of using my left hand to physically squish my right hand into a fist in a pumping motion and also massaging up and down my entire arm, shoulder and neck before I regained some tingling sensations and slowly felt my right arm come back to life. After all the feeling was back though my arm still remained tingly (until I woke again this morning) and my muscles are now aching (I wonder why?). It was a somewhat scary ordeal especially in the middle of the night when it’s hard to be sure whether or not something is real or a bad dream. Still slightly shaken now. I was afraid to wake Kwang up for something so stupid as a numb arm, since he had to be up early for work. He woke up extra early though and went to the bakery around the corner and got us all croissants for breakfast! Isn’t He Sweet!? ^_^

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2 Responses to “A few mundane things to talk about…”

  1. Hi Bell, thanks for linking back to my post! Good to know that the post helped you fix the problem with your WordPress visual text editor.

    Nice blog you got here. Keep up the good work and have a nice day! 🙂

  2. Bell

    Jaypee, Happy to link back to you! Common courtesy! 🙂 You never know this link back could help someone else later on 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting

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