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Congratulations are in order!

This past two weeks I’ve heard some very special news from friends and family half the world away in the Land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa, better known as New Zealand (where I spent much of my growing up). I want to write this in my blog, regardless of whether or not this news announcement reaches the ears (or really more like eyes) of the recipients of my well wishes. News will be announced in the order that I received them!


First Congratulations go to Kwang’s very very good friends Leon and Bella on their recent wedding on March 8th! It’s been a long time coming! Pity we couldn’t be there to share your happy day! Really looking forward to seeing the both of you in a little bit over a week when you come visiting!


Second Congratulations go to long time friends Tee Chek and Jing Yi who are beginning their journey to parenthood!!! 3 months along was it? So very happy for you! I know Jing Yi has been wanting to become a mommy for such a long time! She’s a little behind schedule, but I dare say she’s probably abandoned that time-line long long ago! *winks* She got so impatient though that over the past few years she’s adopted 2 dogs and 2 cats as substitute kiddies! Can’t wait to meet the upcoming new addition to your happy family! It’ll be great!


Last Congratulations goes to my in-laws, David and Evangeline (Kwang’s sister), who shared happy news early this morning (7am *grumble-grumble*) that they too are about to begin their journey to becoming parenthood! I’m sure you’ll both be wonderful Mommy and Daddy! Looking forward to being Auntie! Haha!

There we have it! Three Happy Couples… and Three Happy Announcements!!! I’ve used their wedding photos (all filched without permission!) because people really do look most beautiful and happiest on their wedding day! Congratulations to all six of you!

Edited to add:

OMG! How could I forget!?!?! There is one more happy couple deserving of congratulations! My cousins in Australia Joseph and Jocelyn were married on March 1st! May the both of you have lots of wonderful memories together! They’re away in Bali (?) for honeymoon… How romantic! This is the only photo I have of their wedding (I had to crop out some people like mum & dad and his tux isn’t buttoned right), I do wish the picture was clearer. I might replace with a new photo when I receive one. *hinting to Aussie cousins send me photos*


NOW… this concludes my congratulations post (I hope). Happiness and Joy to all!!!

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5 Responses to “Congratulations are in order!”

  1. LOL, i tot is yr second wedding… haha

    joking joking…

    haha… the girl is pretty lor… nyekhehehehehe~

  2. Bell

    Dexxie, which girl you talking about? They’re all married anyway! Haha!

  3. Bia & Phi

    hm…Bell… the hints. will upload some more photos for u to see ^_^ ….

  4. Bia & Phi

    oh btw , our new cousin-in-law’s name is spelt as Jocelyn ^__^

  5. Bell

    Bia & Phi, Thanks! Name error noted and changed! oh… and no pressure about the photos! I was just joking! I heard mum took hardly ANY photos during her week in Perth! (only 4!!! I can take over 100 pics in a day!) *grumbles* What for buy fancy new camera?! *shrugs* Oh well! Thanks again anyway! ^_^

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