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I will try again tomorrow

*cough sneeze wheeze cry* … and dumplings

Yes… I’m sick. I haven’t even gotten around to sorting through the photos from our outing on Saturday… which was wonderful by the way! Weather was dreadful on the way to Bellinzona but cleared up about half an hour before arrival and we had an awesome time there! BUT I began feeling worn out and sickly around about going home time… and I suffered the whole way home. Lack of sleep methinks cos I didn’t get to bed til after midnight on Friday and was up at 4:30am Saturday to get ready after a restless night tossing in bed (hot feet! I can’t stand it!). So… I practically died when we got home Saturday night…

Didn’t have breakfast on Sunday until lunchtime… I guess you’d call that brunch… and even then all we had was plain porridge. But I felt somewhat well enough by mid afternoon to attempt making pot sticker dumplings from scratch using a wonderfully detailed recipe I found last week! There’s no point in me replicating the recipe here cos what’s important (to me) about this particular recipe is the step by step details with photo instructions, which makes it very very long but also a great tutorial! And I think I did pretty good for a first timer… absolutely clueless yes I managed to make pretty tasty dumplings! Some of which are now in the freezer cos the recipe whips up a pretty big batch (around about 36 depending on the size) for only 2 persons. Find the recipe here for delicious homemade Chinese dumplings.


All lined up ready to cook. So they’re not perfect but it’s my first try!


completed dumpling, one of my slightly more presentable ones…

My only gripe at the moment is that the filling uses about as much vegetables as it does meat and almost doubles the amount of filling and I still have about half of the fillings left (or something went terribly awry when I measured out my ingredients). Next time I’ll either halve the amount of filling… or double the amount of dough for the skin and make enough to stuff into my teeny freezer for future cooking. In any case, I cooked up about half the batch last night which proved to be too much for us… and we had enough to make lunch for both Kwang and I today. Pretty convenient! I recommend people to try making these… cos they’re really fun to make… and I do believe it would have been even more fun if I wasn’t tired and unwell! It’s even easier to make these dumplings if you have a mini rolling pin (which I don’t have) to roll out individual skins, cos then you’re more likely to get a round flat skin. I’ll do this again very soon (with my big unwieldy rolling pin… after all I have heaps of filling left in my fridge!


Kwang’s lunchbox. Rice with furikake sprinkles, potato salad, 5 dumplings and 2 sauce bottles filled with a concoction of black vinegar, Lao Gan Ma brand chili crisps, soy sauce and sesame oil.

Now… I think I will go back to bed and die a little more until it’s time to get up and cook up that frozen batch of dumplings for dinner…

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7 Responses to “*cough sneeze wheeze cry* … and dumplings”

  1. awwww…

    poor bellie is sick… nvm… i sayang…. *hugs*

    wan tan…. woooooooooo~ 1st try also so nice liao…

  2. Kwang

    Ooo…. My lunch get featured on the web…..

  3. Bell

    Dexxie, not wantan, “kuo tie” pot stickers, if you boil, they’re “jiao zhi”. ^_^ I made more, and put all in freezer.

  4. aiseh! u forgot to list down the main recipe in the lunchbox —> LOVE


  5. Bell

    aL, haha! the LOVE factor eh? good one! Thanks for reminding! ^_^

  6. Bell

    Kwang!!! so rare for you to leave a comment! Haha! Your lunch is a regular feature lately! 😉

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