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I will try again tomorrow

February 29th…

Today is a day that comes around only once in 4 years. And I have nothing decent or worth writing about to commemorate this rare day. Being a Leap Year (a year with 1 extra day) means the Summer Olympics (if you’re ignorant enough to not realise, there are Paralympics, held the same year as Summer Olympics, and also Winter Olympics, held also every 4 years in between, e.g. 2006, 2010 etc), more commonly known simply as The Olympics will be held this year in China. I hear the new Beijing airport has been completed, nice ans white, and also the Olympic Stadium, with the bird’s nest design. I look forward to the opening ceremony… and SOME of the games 🙂 But I don’t really want to talk about Olympics right now.

It’s a miserable day today… rain rain rain! I haven’t been getting much done these past 2 days. Been “busy” playing with our new NDS Lite (black) that we bought last week. Heaps of fun! Kwang’s been playing lots of games but, for much of last night was hooked on Sudoku. He discovered how “fun” it was after realising that Sudoku isn’t actually about doing maths, but lining up numbers in a grid. Haha! All these year and he’s just realised it. Oh well. As for me… I’ve spent a lot of my time playing Spot the Difference (so childish I know!!!) and Harvest Moon. Might play Zelda today. 🙂

But I’ve got stuff that needs doing today. Like groceries for next week, a bit of cleaning and tidying and other housewifey tasks. Supermarkets won’t be open on Sunday (bummer! I can’t get over that!)… and there’s no getting them done tomorrow. Why not? Well tomorrow we’re out the door early, just like a couple of weeks ago, and we’re off to sunny Bellinzona, near the border of Italy. If you recall my post on the Glacier Express, we didn’t end up going to Bellinzona, but even if we had, it would have been dark anyway.

I really look forward to getting away from this rain in Boring old Bern to (according to the weather forecast) toasty 21°C Bellinzona. I especially look forward to seeing the old medieval walls and fortifications and the castles that have made Bellinzona Unesco World Heritage! There will be three castles to see… Castlegrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro. I’m certain they will be breathtaking to behold! I’m hoping they will take me back in time (dreaming already). Have a quick look at some pictures and find out more about the castles Here and Here if you like.


watch-tower of Sasso Corbaro



I really hope to have the chance to experience some if not all the castles of Bellinzona.  It’ll be another long long day of travel. And only for a day. We’ll take a train to Chur (a regular one) and from there catch the same bus we’d intended to previously to Bellinzona via a scenic route (San Bernardino pass) through the winding roads with mountains, valleys and the countryside. We’ll spend as much of the day as possible in Bellinzona before heading back to Bern hopefully arriving before midnight!!! Our plans are of course flexible as always… we may choose to spend some time in Chur, which is the oldest city in Switzerland. We’ll see. Kinda excited ^_^

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