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Kaze no Stigma & Darker Than BLACK

I’m injuring two birds with one stone today (cos I don’t kill)… as in I’m reviewing two anime in one post rather than splitting them into two separate posts… which I find rather bothersome. So let’s get right into it.

Kaze no Stigma (24 eps)

Ayano and Kazuma, Fire and Wind

Kaze no Stigma is an anime I rather enjoyed… involving themes I’m very much partial to. Story revolves very much around main character Yagami Kazuma. Kazuma was previously known as Kannagi Kazuma, candidate to be the head of the Kannagi Clan of very powerful fire mages. However, he lacked the power to use the art of fire and lost the position to his cousin Kannagi Ayano. The shame of the loss combined with his absolute lack of power so central to the Kannagi clan drove his father to disown and banish him from the family.

Nothing is heard of his doings or whereabouts until four years later when Kazuma returns to Tokyo as a powerful wind mage. Kazuma possesses the power of a Contractor, one who had made a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord, just as the Kannagi family (as a whole) has a contract with the Fire Spirit Lord. Kazuma takes on jobs as a freelance wind mage, banishing or destroying demons for money, his loyalties lie with the highest bidder, who so happens to be the head of Kannagi family and Ayano’s father. This pisses Ayano off, because Kazuma is assigned as her bodyguard. Their personalities clash yet their bond grows stronger.

As the story unfolds, it is later revealed the Kazuma hides a darker side to his character, and is prisoner to a painfully dark and torturous past. Someone is out to destroy Kazuma and have him drown in his own despair. What exactly happened to him during the four years of his banishment?

blonde kid is Ren, Kazuma’s younger brother, also a powerful fire mage, and probably the only person who keeps Kazuma sane…

I enjoyed Kaze no Stigma. The animation is great. The story is well balanced with dark and light, exciting, funny, touching all in one. One thing though is that it’s pretty predictable…

I give Kaze no Stigma 7.5/10

Darker Than BLACK – Kuro no Keiyakusha (25 eps)

As the title implies, Darker Than BLACK is a somewhat dark and oppressive anime. If you’re into the happy magical fantasy type, you’re better off steering way clear of this anime. Darker Than BLACK is one of those not overly sci-fi anime depicting an alternate future world. As the story goes, ten years ago, a mysterious occurrence cause an abnormal and impenetrable space to appear in Japan and South America. They were then named Hell’s Gate and Heaven’s Gate, respectively. At the same time, all the stars disappeared from the sky and were replaced by “fake” stars. Each of these stars , given a code name/number, corresponds to a “Contractor” whom with the appearance of the gates acquired mysterious and varied powers, and lost their emotions.

Main character of Darker than BLACK is Hei (meaning Black in Chinese), also known as Li Shen Shung. Hei and his team of 4 work for a mysterious and powerful organisation known only as The Syndicate. Hei has the ability to manipulate electricity and bend it to his will, and he is heavily pursued by the police as an assassin, known to them only as BK201. Hei is also constantly searching for his sister, Pai (white), who used to work with him for the Syndicate. Pai went missing after something went terribly wrong during a mission at Heaven’s Gate many years ago that ended in the destruction the gate.

There are many other organisations involved in this story… including the CIA, MI6, PANDORA, the Police in general, and a rebel group called EPR (Evening Primrose). Working for the Syndicate, Hei’s job usually involves fighting other contractors associated with several of the above listed organisations. As Li Shen Shung he is a normal guy with a big appetite, kind hearted and helpful. But as Hei the contractor on a mission, he becomes a different person, cold and calculating, an elite who does not hesitate to kill.

He carries out his given missions without questioning the purpose of the Syndicate. But little does he know there there is much more at stake than the lives of the victims he assassinates. The tentacles of the Syndicate reach out farther than he could possibly imagine and their plans far more ambitious. Also… neither does he know that he is closer to Pai than he realises…

Left to right… Huang (human), Yin (doll), Hei (contractor), Mao (cat/contractor)

There is a very Hero’s (the TV show)/X-Files feel to it. Mysterious people possessing mysterious/paranormal powers… powerful organizations that have influences wherever you go. Trust no one. It’s good if you like that kind of stuff, otherwise best to leave it alone. I thought it was kind of cool… I love that I could not predict what would happen at the end. Darker than BLACK is an anime that’s a lot more complicated than anime really should be. It’s the kind of anime that you have to watch and experience to know what it’s about, and at the end, unless you were the creator, you probably still wouldn’t understand it fully. For a more detailed explanation, visit the Wikipedia page here.

For me… Darker than BLACK rates 8/10

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6 Responses to “Kaze no Stigma & Darker Than BLACK”

  1. Cool! can go download and watch already.

  2. i no time watch anime even if i want to lor… sad sad….

    oh ya… and i miss u too… 😛

  3. Dexxie

    ok.. now i’ve read all this… that day too tired to read lor…

    i wanna watch… seriously… i wanna watch but… coz of i lack of money… cant buy… wu wu wu…

    i like the darker than black coz u say need to watch carefully and i always watch anime with full concentration if its not boring or so… haha…

    i wanna watch… I wan i wan i wan… waiting my next month’s pay then sure i go buy this 2 anime liao…

    wait wait… this 2 is full version wan right? already end wan right? coz, u know me… lazy wanna chase chase wan… haha… how many episode?

  4. Bell

    Nicholas, Sure go watch! they’re both good 🙂

    Dexxie, Both anime are complete one. Kaze no Stigma – 24 eps. Darker than BLACK – 25 eps.

  5. wow.. cool review.. i watc the first episode.. didnt really like it.. but i’ll try to watch few more episodes..

  6. Bell

    WillaZz, Kaze no Stigma is a pretty easy one to watch, but Darker Than BLACK took me at least 4 episodes to really get into it.

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