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Kin`iro no Chord: Primo Passo

Recently finished watching a musical anime. Musical anime are few and far between and they’re not always impressive. In fact, compared to Nodame Cantabile, Kin`iro no Chord isn’t all that wonderful but it’s good in a different way.

in Kin `iro no Chord: Primo Passo or The Golden Chord (25 + 1 episodes), the story goes that long ago, a man wanted to establish a school. He somehow saved a fairy who was near death at the time and as a reward, the fairy promised to bless the school with the gift of music. Decades later, we see that the school, Seisou Academy, is divided into 2 sectors… a regular high school and and a music school, and each sector wears a different coloured uniform. No one can see fairies anymore but one day Hino Kahoko being late for school actually stumbles upon Lili, the fairy. Lili is delighted that someone can see him! He rings a bell in the school gardens announcing that this year there will be a very prestigious musical competition being held at the school.

Kahoko has no idea what is going on and decides she is imagining things and attempts to get on with her school day. Later over the intercom names are announced of students who have been chosen to participate in the music competition. All the students were predictably from the musical sector of the school… but at the end… Kahoko’s name is announced which surprised everyone, including herself. Kahoko is a regular student who has had no experience whatsoever in music… she doesn’t even like it! She is summoned to meet Lili in a music rehearsal room and there he presents Kahoko with a magical violin. With this violin, anyone, no matter whether or not they have musical skills, can play like a pro. This begins Kahoko’s first step into the music world.

As the story progresses, Kahoko begins to enjoy music, she makes friends in the music department as well as with the other competitors. Slowly doubtful people begin to open their hearts to her and she melts the many facades and barriers put up by several other characters. Something about Kahoko allows people to warm up to her and put their trust in her. But not all is good and beautiful for Kahoko. She battles with guilt that she is doing so well in the competitions without having to even try while everyone is training so hard each day… she battles with falling priorities, struggling to balance school work, music and friendship… hiding her secret is no easy task…

Kin`iro no Chord is a lovely anime, with lovely animation and lots of lovely Bishounen, beautiful young men, pretty much eye candy for the girls! It is immediately obvious that this anime was created for a female audience! The music played in the anime is nowhere near as impressive as that in Nodame Cantabile, but I really shouldn’t be comparing (but I can’t help it!). The people are beautiful and while the story develops only over a very short period of time, character development is rich, and it was good to watch each of them overcome whatever hurdles they were previously too afraid to face.

I rate Kin`iro no Chord a generous 8/10

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