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Zero no Tsukaima I & II

Anime again! Sorry for all those who are not interested… too bad for you, cos I’m gonna blog about it anyway! Haha!! Anyhoo…. This isn’t exactly one I finished VERY recently… probably more like a month back… well, the 2nd one anyway…

Zero No Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima, also known as Zero’s Familiar is a nice short 13 episode anime about an alternate magical world. Louise de la Vallière is a student at a magical academy who happens to have no magical talent at all. She is unable to perform any spells successfully without causing a dramatic explosion of some kind. Her reputation earned her the nickname “Zero no Louise”. Hiraga Saito is a regular Japanese boy who for whatever reason – by fate or accident perhaps – is summoned by Lousie to become her familiar (helper/servant). Saito finds himself in a bizzare new world and a servant to the haughty daughter of a prestigious noble family who has no skills whatsoever. Louise is demanding while Saito is stubborn making a disastrous pair wherever they go. Saito however unwittingly discovers that he is able to handle and use any weapon he lays his hands upon without having prior training. A mysterious power indeed.

Saito seems to have arrived at a time of unrest in this strange world. Slowly as he fries to find a way back to his own world he also becomes more familiar with this new world, and learns how to deal/cope with Louise’s personality, he also learns there is more to Louise and the mark on the back of his right hand (a sign of his contract with Louise) than meets the eye. There are rumours of a mysterious and legendary power not of the 5 elemental types… The Power of the Void and the user’s familiar, the Gandalfr (the name makes me wanna roll my eyes) … perhaps Louise isn’t as useless as she appears to be.

I found this anime to be quite enjoyable. It’s not particularly deep and probably more enjoyable for girls than guys, not to say that guys will not enjoy the anime at all. The animation is… pretty (how else would you describe it?!) and quite well done but one thing that annoyed me a lot was the transition or cut when changing scenes… sparklies ( I assume… magic) and tinkly sounds ( also magic…) began to get on my nerves after the first couple of episodes.

I rate Zero no Tsukaima 7/10

Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

The sequel to Zero no Tsukaima (duh!), Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi or Zero’s Familiar: Knight of the Twin Moons is 12 episodes long and just as sweet. In the sequel, Saito meets Louise’s family and we especially see quite a lot of Louise’s 2 older sisters.

Saito had chosen to remain in… magic land(?) to be with Louise. The country is at war and the queen who is Louise’s childhood friend depends on Louise and her secret power to gain victory. Or at least that was the plan. Saito has principles that are different from Louise and they have many opposing views which lead to innumerable disagreements and fights. Louise wants to honour her status as a noble and fight for the queen and her country… wheras Saito does not believe in throwing away your life when you can help without being in the front lines. But as a familiar/servant all he can do is begrudgingly follow Louise’s whims while trying his best to steer her off course… until things get out of hand and a choice has to be made… a difficult choice for Saito especially… Can he help fulfill Louise’s wishes and uphold his beliefs? More importantly, will he survive this latest ordeal? Will THEY be able to survive together?

Season 2 presents a whole new set of problems and obstacles. While Louise and the anime in general is still childish as ever, the issues present are more mature. It’s somewhat less funny as the first season but equally enjoyable (I think). Saito also gets a lot more perve action here than in the first season (I sense many happy guys). The ever annoying tinkling sparkly scene changes are still there unfortunately… but I’ve learned to tune it out.

I rate Zero no Tsukaima II 7/10

I leave you with a video of the opening song to Futatsuki no kishi, which I happen to love… Hope you enjoy it too!

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  1. I will start working soon liao… after that… when i get my pay… i will go hunt for anime… muahahaha…

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