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Nanatsuiro Drops

I haven’t written anything about anime in a while. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching them. Just a few days ago I downloaded 5 completed series and 1 ongoing one. Among those is one I finished watching today… Nanatsuiro Drops.

Nanatsuiro Drops literally translates to seven coloured drops. It’s one of those rare (though more often lately) “girly girly” animes that I watch from time to time. Normally I’m more into the fighting, martial arts, alternate worlds, magic, mystery, supernatural etc stuff. But That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a shoujou romance once in a while. ^_^

Very generally without giving too much away, Nanatsuiro Drops is about a guy, Tsuwabuki Masaharu (Haru), who accidentally drank a transfiguration potion and as a result turns into a sheep plush toy by night and returns to human form by day. One of his teachers who knew what was going on, told him that in order to return to his original form, he needed to collect seven special magical “star drops”. But he cannot do it alone. He discovers that the one person who can help him collect these is a very shy girl in his class, Akihime Sumomo. Together they discover her latent powers, collect the star drops during the night, encountering and overcoming obstacles and challenges, while keeping this all secret from their friends. Haru also has to keep his identity a secret from Sumomo or something bad will happen.

All in all, the anime wasn’t impressive. But it’s pretty good as light entertainment. It’s short and sweet (12 episodes) and will draw a few giggles from time to time… but nothing hilarious. Characters aren’t complicated. The story is simple, nothing deep, twisted or particularly meaningful. Nanatsuiro Drops has a very… “Card-captor Sakura” feel to it… cute girl, her best friend & secret keeper, not particularly friendly guy, mysterious powers, unspoken feelings, flying around at night in a cute costume, collecting star drops by chanting spells while aided by a cute plush toy, challengers/enemies who become friends… maybe I’ve said too much!!! I found it enjoyable. Of course I wouldn’t have finished watching and blogged about any anime that I did not enjoy now would I?

I give Nanatsuiro Drops a 7/10

I may write more anime related posts over the next few days or weeks as I finish watching the rest… or I may not… We’ll see…

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4 Responses to “Nanatsuiro Drops”

  1. wor wor… i wanna watch more anime but… no money to buy liao… wu…..

    oh ya… I wanna watch ‘please teacher’. haha… cute girl anime with boy boy wan lor… hehe…

  2. Bell

    Dex, Onegai Teacher, is a bit pervert anime… hehe ngam you lah! LoL

  3. What pervert anime for Dexxie?? LOL. Anyway, I prefer to separate my anime post in different blog least it won’t be so cluttered. Now i wished I have my own domain now but yet there are still certain factors to consider.

  4. Bell

    Criz, for sure I will be visiting your anime blog as well! Getting your own domain has a lot to consider? I dunno anything cos Hubby did this one…

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