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Yesterday began the first episode of Our (Kwang and I) little project, which is also the reason I was able to get this new blog. We’ve started a site called German Word Daily which allows anyone interested in learning some German words and sentences to learn one new word a day. There are many such things around and they seem to be doing well. But we haven’t seen many that involve pictures to associate with the words, and sounds to help with the pronounciations, and so that’s what we’ve set up. I’m not too pleased about the computerised voices that sound somewhat like someone with much phlegm in their throat, but it does the job just fine. Besides, we can’t use our own voices, I have no German accent and can’t fake one yet. This past month Kwang and I have been busy doing our little parts in this project. Kwang’s job is hard but once done, he can take it easy, while my job is not so hard but it’s ongoing. Kwang has been setting up the website, writing scripts and programming stuff to make things go the way he wants them to. I’ve been coming up with words that I can turn into sentences and finding the pictures to go with them. And now it’s ready… and it’s up and running. I would really like some feedback on what you think… but please no more complaining about the electronic voices, cos they annoy me too.

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