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Sick Baby

Is it this about to turn into a mama blog? Maybe… maybe not. Abigail is sick. has had a very high fever of 39.4 degrees since yesterday. Of course medicines like baby ibuprofen syrup help lower the temperature but only for a few hours and then it begins all over again. I called her doctor yesterday evening who suggested lots of fluids and a different med to be used alternately with her syrup to help fever… and then if it didn’t get better I would go see her in the morning. Problem is that this morning she was OK… feeling better, her fever subsided and while she was active and uncomplaining, I could tell she still wasn’t well. She didn’t want to eat. She was vomiting up whatever she DID eat. Yesterday she was guzzling water like she just spent a week in the desert… but today she barely wanted to sip any. Now her fever is back same as last night except she has extra symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea… I’ve called her doctor but she’s closed on tuesday afternoons. I called the emergency line, and find that the doctor on duty tonight is about a half hour drive away. Have recalled hubby to come home from work and we will drive the mean time i just have to hang on and cuddle my already overheating baby….

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  1. Blogs that we used to read has evolved the way it was used to be blogged with. I am sure I won’t mind seeing a different view. Though I won’t forget the piu piu piu. Lol

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