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I will try again tomorrow

I’ve been wondering and wondering… Should I begin blogging again? Is it worth it? Do I have the time and energy to do this? It’s hard to say. I come by and type something and delete it before it reaches a couple of paragraphs long because it’s just so boring. I rarely cook anything interesting, and my life really only revolves around 4 things…. Sleep, Eat, Baby, Work. What? No one knew I had a baby because they haven’t been reading my blog and I haven’t been updating? Of course everyone knows! Everyone’s on facebook right? I’ve been posting all sorts of cute and adorable pics, some pretty mean videos that Abbie will surely hate me for, and status updates waffling on about how cranky and sleep deprived I am. Truth is, Abbie is now almost a year old, which means I’ve not blogged for over 1.5 years! WHOAAA!!! So even as I type this I still wonder if it’s worth duplicating all my facebook posts and blogging about how cranky and sleep deprived I am here too?

And now here comes another truth… I actually sleep pretty well. Have been for months. Sure we have our odd nasty howling nights… but all in all… I reckon life’s pretty sweet albeit monotonous right now. I work Wednesday-Saturday at my old job, Kwang stays home with Abbie if I’m working on Wednesday or Saturday, and Abbie goes to a daycare on Thursday and Friday. Abbie and I have quality time messing up the apartment on Mondays and Tuesdays and Sundays are mostly spent as a family though not always. SHe has now mastered crawling and standing, and wants to walk… that or she clings to my leg while I try to cook lunch or dinner, which is why I rarely cook anything new or interesting anymore… and even then they’re often unsuccessful… I need to find a solution to this.

I now have a sort of early New Year’s resolution. To join the gym, to eat healthier and lose some weight, save some money, complain less about how tired I always feel. I’ll add one more thing to that… try to blog again. We’ll see how that pans out

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