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I will try again tomorrow

Anyone out there still doesn’t know?

I know that not a lot of people frequent my blog anymore. I don’t blame them though, I’ve been totally slack at updating and writing. But I just thought I should make some announcements or confirmations. In case anyone still doesn’t know… I’m Having a Baby. Yes I’m pregnant… due in early December… meaning I’m now officially halfway through the ordeal. I’ve been feeling mostly fine throughout. No unpleasantness. No sickness. Just general tiredness mostly, after all, creation of life is an exhausting task to undertake! Of course now at 20+ weeks I’m beginning to round out and feel somewhat more like a hippo than a human… and I guess it’s only a matter of time before I feel like a beached whale… Not looking forward to that part! Haha!

Just got back from my monthly doctor’s check up today and it seems like I’m having a girl, though the baby was moving around a lot so we only got quick glimpses. We can take another look next month and see if there are any surprise changes. But in the mean time… I’ll assume it’s a girl 🙂 Kwang’s pretty proud of himself, as he’s been saying all week that he thinks we’re having a girl. Though he couldn’t really give me an answer as to why he thought that. He had some theory about me not being grumpy and angry all the time like the horror stories he’d been hearing.

Work has been going on mostly as normal. I’m no longer allowed to carry anything remotely heavy but I’m ok with that. I plan to keep working for as long as is sensible for me to be there. My boss said his wife worked until a week before her due date. I might not last as long as that but I will certainly try. In the mean time, life goes on and there are things that need doing and planning. I will try to keep updated here…

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