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I will try again tomorrow

Wasted 4 days!

I’m really pissed off right now! Last week I ordered some shrimps for my aquarium from Germany. They were supposed to send it to me by express post on Monday so I spent the day preparing my tank for new arrivals on Tuesday. I waited at home on Tuesday and got an email in the evening that they had just posted it… and it should arrive Wednesday or Thursday. I was kinda annoyed… cos I’d spent the entire day at home waiting. So again on Wednesday I waited at home for the courier… unable to leave home to do groceries or go to the basement to do my laundry in case I missed the doorbellIf I missed the courier I’d have to arrange for a re-delivery. I waited and waited and waited and nothing came. Maybe it’s a little slow, I thought… maybe they got held up at customs while the officers pawed at my package. I waited again all day today. And again they never arrived. I rarely have so much time off from work. I could have spent this time doing many things… thinking of things I can cook and what not, but because couriers can arrive any time of day rather than a fixed time for regular post, I had to stay home and wait… and for what? NOTHING! My shrimps have not arrived. By now they’d have been cooped up in a plastic bag for 3 days! If they arrive tomorrow and I’m at work… they’d probably be dead anyway! It’s winter… and they get packed in a styrofoam box and with a small heat pack to maintain the warm temperature but after a day it would have run out of heat.

Back to the customs issue. Perhaps they got stopped at customs for trying to post living animals… shrimps. But the problem there is that if sending them to Switzerland from Germany was not allowed, the seller would know and they would have allowed the purchase to be processed. But that shouldn’t be the case because I’ve read in forums that some people in Switzerland have ordered stock from Germany too. So what’s the problem here? I have no idea what’s gone wrong… honestly! I’m just really angry!  I’ve emailed the seller to ask for a tracking number… but they haven’t got back to me. Not that it matters anymore now. If I never receive my parcel I will have to contact them again… and if I do receive it and the shrimps are all dead I’d better get my money back!

And I was so looking forward to getting some new shrimps too! 🙁 I’d ordered 20 shrimps that came with a mini igloo… and I’d ordered an extra 3 pregnant shrimps… it would be a real shame if they’re all dead.

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3 Responses to “Wasted 4 days!”

  1. do these shrimps have passports? you know, Hector has a pet passport to walk across border. hrhr..

  2. Can they swim across?

  3. got eaten?

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