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I will try again tomorrow

Bad reaction

Oh what have I done? I have been trying out some skin care “recipes” at home that I find online. Well on Friday I actually tried a puffy-eye-reduction treatment. It says to grate some cucumber and some potato and put them into disposable teabags, you can buy ones that you fill yourself with tea leaves…. except you fill it with this mushed up concoction. Anyway, it felt really nice… cucumber soothes and tightens, and potato supposedly reduces swelling and lightens the dark circles. I didn’t see any difference, but that was a one time use. So tonight I tried it again, and to my horror my skin and eyes began to swell and itch within 2 – 3 minutes of my applying the bags to my eyes! I hurriedly went to wash my face and in the end I hopped into the shower. I stayed there for about 10 mins. After I got out my eyes were red and swollen like capsules. I looked like I was wearing eye makeup and then just cried my eyes out. My face too was red and irritated because some of the juice ran down my face. Lucky I have a balancing face cream for just such situations to soothe and rebalance the skin after harsh environmental exposure or allergies. I have taken antihistamines, to get the allergic reaction under control and am feeling unbelievably sleepy. I was looking for my allergy eyedrops but I’ve probably either misplaced them or used it all up somehow. I think I’ve most likely misplaced them cos I don’t use them often.

I didn’t have such a reaction the first time I tried this… so it’s really weird. I must have done something different… like didn’t peel the skin off the cucumber. But I’m not entirely sure that’s it… Did I use more potato than last time? Cucumber is supposed to be very good for the skin right? I’m so confused…. I should go to bed and sleep this off… I’ll feel awful tomorrow as is the way of medicine-induced sleep. *sighs* I’ll not be trying this again in a hurry. I’ll give my face some time to recover before experimenting again.

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