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I will try again tomorrow


I honestly don’t know what to name this post cos there are many little things to say… And by little I mean…. insignificantly small things…

  • Over the (western) new year I took up snowboarding… but only managed to go twice. I had lessons in France, and then went with Kwang and his colleagues for a weekend in Zermatt. After that weekend, I bought a second-hand board ย for CHF 30, but it’s pretty old and it needs servicing and I need new boots… Well, I can either buy my own or rent as I need. Either way, I haven’t sent the board away for servicing, and needless to say haven’t been snowboarding since…
  • Winter is taking a break… It’s pretty nice, feels like spring, only my nose isn’t killing me yet! I do not doubt that in a week or so the cold will be back to whip our asses back into gear… Life sucks like that. But the good thing there is that I will still have time to send my board away and maybe find a chance to practice snowboarding at least one more time before the season is over ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Chinese New Year was uneventful. I was working all week… late shifts too. So I wasn’t home until after 9:30pm most nights. We didn’t even have new year’s eve dinner like we should. We did that on Friday instead…. hot pot, just the two of us. Hot Pot was BAD!!! I thought we could try something different and bought a packet of Lao Gan Ma hot pot sauce. It was so spicy I couldn’t taste anything else!!! >.< I will never do that again!
  • I sold my guppies over the past weekend. All 7 of them are gone. I still have my 3 otocinclus though. I figured I would allow the shrimps population to grow a little before adding some smaller and hopefully more harmless fishes when the time is appropriate. In the mean time, a little over a week ago I also bought another 10 shrimps from a breeder. I was getting tired of having maybe only 1 or 2 survivors from each batch of babies… Each mommy shrimp has about 30 eggs and there really should be at least 20 babies. I was expecting a population boom but obviously that wasn’t happening and some of the adults were dying mysterious deaths. It’s the opposite of a population boom… more of a decline. I’ll give them shrimps a few months and see what happens from there.
  • Weight loss regimen is a little slow. A little under a kg a week… but progress is progress. I’m not exercising as much as I should be. We had an old friend visiting us mid January and took an entire week off healthy low carb eating. My weight didn’t go out of control, gained 1 kg, which isn’t too bad considering. I have given myself plenty of time, so I should still reach my goal of 50kg before the summer ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Going to Canada in May!! Sent our passports away to Paris last week for Canadian visa processing. Kwang has booked his tickets and I will be booking mine tonight. We have to book separately cos his ticket will be reimbursed by his work. It’s work related. We’ll be a week in Montreal, where Kwang is attending a conference and has to give a presentation. We’ll be flying out of Montreal the day after the conference for Calgary, where we’ll spend a week with my cousins and will get to celebrate my niece’s birthday too! All very exciting! Although it’s in May, I’ll have to be expecting snow apparently…. bummer. But I’m very much looking forward to going there and seeing my cousins! ^_^

Well…. That’s about it. Many little updates rolled into one. I should do more proper ones and more regularly… but I just don’t find the time… in between work, cooking, TV, cleaning, facebook and staring at the aquarium…. Where does all the time go?! @_@

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