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I will try again tomorrow


So much to do and so little time! So much time and so little to do! That’s how conflicted I am right now. My cousins are visiting today! All the way from NZ! I haven’t seen them in over 4 yrs… possibly 5 in fact! See… I can’t remember the last time I saw them… that’s how long it’s been! The whole family was on a nice little European tour beginning in London, then they hopped on a weeklong cruise that took them to Spain, Tunisia, Lisbon, Croatia (among other destinations) and finishing in Venice Italy. They’re currently in Milan and will be taking the evening train up tonight. I’m so excited!

I have lots on my mind… cleaning and cooking chief among those many things. But over the weekend we’ve already overhauled the place… so there’s not much else to do in that respect. And I already know more or less what I’d like to cook… so that’s out too. I feel like I’ve got lots to sort out and yet at the same time I feel as if I have nothing more I can do and just 6 hours to while away before I head into town to meet them at the train station…

I’m so restless that even watching my fish isn’t doing much to calm me down right now. The longer I sit in front of my aquarium the more the yellow water bothers me and I have this urge to change the water… which I did only yesterday so I can’t do it now can I? I’m online… I’m twiddling my fingers… I’m pacing… I’m thinking and planning aimlessly. What to do, what to eat, where to go… so much to catch up on! I’ve never felt more lost… even when my mum was coming to visit for 4 weeks I didn’t feel this way! The apartment will be crowded… and I’ll be juggling work, household chores and entertainment.

Busy busy busy!

And yet… here I am… blogging… restless and not getting much done at all. I could vacuum and wipe and mop… But… GAH!!!~  I’m so excited I’m going to explode!

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