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I will try again tomorrow

blah blah rah rah…

Kwang left this morning for Stockholm. He’ll be there for a week for a conference. I will join him in exactly 1 week’s time, next Friday. In the mean time I’ll man (or woman) the fort (apartment) and suffer on my own. It does not promise to be a good week and I do not look forward to being on my own during this time.

My first obstacle is over… This morning not long after Kwang left, I went to the dentist to get some old amalgam(?) fillings removed because they were old and had cracks in them, which according to my dentist can result in micro leakage (?) causing cavities underneath the fillings (which incidentally is exactly what happened!), so they had to be replaced. These trips to the dentist are getting extremely exhausting. At least I won’t see my dentist again until the end of May. It comforts me to know that there are not too many more to go… perhaps another 5 fillings… that’s probably 2 more appointments… assuming no new problems crop up. Then I’ll make an appointment nearer the end of the year to get my wisdom teeth surgically removed, followed by a week off work for recovery.

Speaking of work… NOT NICE! My only respite would be that no one in this country works on Sunday… otherwise I’d be on full gas! I’m working non-stop until Friday, when I fly away to join dear hubby for my long awaited Swedish holiday. I’m thankful for the fact that I’m leaving on Friday, as my boss had initially written me down to work a full 6-day week… that is including Friday and Saturday! How sucky would THAT have been? 🙁

For now… I will rest, and eat something soft before getting ready to go to work. Yes… I had a dentist’s appointment this morning but I’m still going to work in about an hour’s time. Yay My Life….

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