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My Wish List

So what if I’m somewhat of a home maker… I like it that way. We live in a very simple apartment with only 1 bedroom and a pretty big but long and narrow living room. It’s quite nicely lit, and that’s one of my favourite things about it. The apartment’s rather plain though… Apart from a couple of (now very squeaky) chairs and our bed (100 francs with a very thin mattress only 2 inches thick), the rest of our furniture are hand me downs from the previous tenant who asked if we wanted to take them off their hands. Some are bought second hand. A couple of items we pick up off the kerbsides… and NO it’s not stealing… Some people with unwanted items (anything from CD cases, to flower pots, to kitchenwares to furniture) who don’t want to go through the hassle of selling something or dropping it off to some charity will leave them out on a fine day and stick a sign on there saying “Gratis zum mitnehmen” meaning free to take away. Normally they’re whisked away within hours.

Why have we gone so cheap on our home furnishings? Well…. mostly because we’re relatively poor. And partly because when we first moved in, it was to our understanding that we’d not be living here more than 3 years. But now it’s been 4 years, and looking to be a little longer now that Kwang has a new job lined up to begin in December. With the extended stay and a little bit more in our pockets, we’ve been thinking of improving our living conditions and make for a nicer living space. So I have a wish list I would like to share… and I hope it will be realised within the next year. Although we’re already looking, I’m pretty sure we will need quite a bit of time, and money to eventually acquire all of these and perhaps over the course of the year we may change our minds… and I guess most likely… some of them may not happen at all. But where’s the harm in a little wishful thinking for now right?

So here they are for now in no particular order:

roombaa roomas tracks

iRobot Roomba… it’s so cool… the 2nd pic is just a long exposure shot of the route the Roomba took around someone’s living room



Dyson Baby (DC22)


Samsung flat screen 42 inch TV… isn’t she beautiful?


Sofa set

brown shelf






Memory Foam Mattress


Kenwood Multipro Libra food processor


Kenwood Titanium Major stand mixer

And there you have it… my wish list… some of the things I would like for my home. Please tell me I’m not asking too much…

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