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I will try again tomorrow

It’s the real stuff!

Passing by a “posh” shop selling furniture and interior decorations stuff after bowling on Saturday night we saw something in the store window that had me in fits of laughter. I first thought it was a pretty good imitation and doubled back for another look… and I saw the sign… I laughed Soooo much I forgot to take a picture! So I went back today to get a photo of this…

The sign says “echt bull shit”, translating to “genuine bull shit”. On the back of the label is stated that this mound of dried cow pat comes from Emmental (where the good cheeses come from).

would you pay 15 Francs for THIS?! They’re all the same price. This piece of shit is smaller and fresher looking (perhaps from a calf?)

It’s the real stuff! Don’t Play Play!!~~

After I was finished taking these photos, a woman who was walking by paused to look at what this “tourist” was so interested in and I had to suppress a little snigger a little as I watched her recoil in horror, taking a step back from the window as if it was toxic, hands immediately flying up to her mouth to suppress a small squeak. As she grabbed her husband’s arm and pointed frantically (hand still over her mouth), I walked away 🙂

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3 Responses to “It’s the real stuff!”


    Gotta catch em all~!

  2. Joo

    OMG!!! Bullshit!!! All I can say is that the person who buys that kind of crap is a very “Saaaaad” person.

  3. Bell

    Lasker, swt lah… would u like a piece of shit on your bookshelf? next to the TV? Perhaps as the Dining table centerpiece surrounded by pink and yellow flowers? 😉

    Joo, sad indeed! I wouldn’t buy it for the world. If I wanted some shit in my house I’d get a pet, or if I really wanted cow shit, I go farm collect my own! Haha!

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