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I will try again tomorrow

new jewelery :)

Got something nice and new today!!! It’s colourful and shiny!!! I’m a total Magpie!!! I like pretty shiny things!!! yay! *happy joy* We were browsing the Bern markets today. We saw this jewelery stand last week and went back again and again wanting another look but they’re (this particular stand) only here once a week (Thursdays) so it wasn’t until today that we went back for a really good squizz at their goods. Mum was mooning over an opal pendant and I fell in love with the ring immediately (Opal is my birthstone after all!), though I required a lot of nudging and convincing (honestly! I swear!) to let her buy it for me. Mum didn’t end up buying the opal pendant that caught her eye last week. MIL bought a nice little pendant too, but not for herself.

it’s a ring… opal set in sterling silver. And it looks nowhere near as nice as it does in real life. I LOVE the colours… like it’s on fire!

Another photo with mum’s finger holding it on a pillow. 😛


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  1. Dexter

    SO….. BEAUTIFULL…. WOoooooooO~

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