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Not again?! (Part 2)

What a scare! What a relief! I have good news! I was unable to contact the London embassy office all morning, so I thought it best to just head down to the police station in town to file a report. I waited in the waiting room for a whole hour, to spend 10 minutes reporting my statement to the police officer who knew no English. Paid him CHF 20.00 for a statement that was only 5 lines long =_=” and I went on my way. I wasn’t due to go to the Malaysian Embassy until after 3pm… so I headed home to drown my sorrows in some Red Bull Energy Drink and call my family to tell them the bad news.

While on the phone to mum the doorbell rang, and I went downstairs to meet the courier guy who had me sign for a package. It FELT like passports! I was so excited I couldn’t rip it open and the plastic packaging was all mangled before I took a pair of scissors to it! Tipped out the contents to find a letter addressed to Kwang, with bills and receipts and a bundle of FOUR PASSPORTS! Woo Hoo! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!! They probably forgot to include my letter in the package or forgot to include my passports with my letter… whatever it is, I couldn’t be happier! I told my mum and hung up on her barely saying goodbye! I rang Kwang to tell him the good news. I tried to call the embassy but got no answer… must have been lunchtime. I sent Eva an SMS with the news telling her I wouldn’t be coming in to see her this afternoon.

Then I was out the door headed back to the police station where everyone gave me “I thought so” looks. The guy who took my statement suddenly spoke English after all (WEIRDS) and asked if I really had my passport, I showed it to him with a huge grin on my face and he returned it with a pitiful smile. He then asked for the statement to be returned and even gave me a refund of the money! I wasn’t expecting that! Double Yay! Then as I was leaving he said quietly “that’s why we usually recommend people to wait”. I couldn’t care less about the annoyed looks I got or the know-it-all statements they gave me. I don’t care that they probably all thought I was playing some stupid sick prank! I have my passport! I’m not an illegal over-stayer! I can travel anywhere I want! Go Me! ^_____^

— — — — —

On a lighter note, There were a lot of wonderful smells wafting around in town today. I couldn’t be bothered, for obvious reasons, paying attention to any of it this morning when I was on my way to the police station to report my stolen passport. But later on I went wandering through it. In town today was a special event called the “Bärner Brotmärit” (Berner Bread Market). The smell of freshly baked goods was everywhere and very very enticing. But while I wasn’t in the mood for bread eating, I did manage to take a few nice pictures to share 🙂 Feast your eyes on fresh hot bread *drools*

market entrance

beautiful beautiful artisan breads, and the proud baker 🙂

OMG it’s a whole family of Mr Okuis!

merry go round

Flower Power! Haha! So very “hippy”

lovely looking flower breads…

this baker is making his breads on site…

portable stone oven for baking those breads on site 🙂 Smelled absolutely divine!

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4 Responses to “Not again?! (Part 2)”

  1. Weeeee… Congratz! =D

    Eh, I want the tortoise bread can? XD

  2. Bell

    SilverIsle, thanks! It’s a real relief! The Okui bread just tastes like regular bread with raisins for eyes… I’ve killed a few in my time… =_=”

  3. Mei

    my longest wait for my passport in uk for a visa stamp = 6 months. Going to london wouldn’t help, as the queue is ridiculously long, alot of waiting, and you might not even get your passport back on the same day sometimes. I haven’t lost my passport yet *touch wood*, but I can relate to the adrenaline rush, fear and frustration.

  4. Bell

    Mei, it’s a horrible wait isn’t it? It’s very very frustrating. But as my mum told me… I was unlucky but also very lucky despite all that happened. Having my passports lost/stolen or delayed multiple times yet always recovered them. Thank goodness for that! 🙂

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