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I will try again tomorrow

Not again?!

Most people ( I assume) go through life never worrying their passports will be lost or stolen, nor have they ever had these things happen to them… naturally of course, you don’t worry if you don’t experience it. It’s a very very traumatic experience. It is after all the proof of your nationality and citizenship… and when you don’t have it you’re pretty screwed!

And who would be unlucky enough to have their passport stolen TWICE?! ME!!! How about that? Some of you who have known me long enough know that in 2004, my passport was nearly stolen while on holiday in Penang. I was on holiday with Kwang and my cousin’s family and when it came time to fly back to Kuching, both mine and Kwang’s passports were missing even though we never took them out of our bags. Luckily we only need our ID cards to fly home… and from there I had to lodge a police report and re-apply for a new passport. All that trouble only to be told a few weeks later that it had been found hiding in a bookshelf at the house of the friend we stayed with (I suspected the maid). Undo everything and all was well. *Whew* All breathe a sigh of relief… passport back was safe and sound.

Now it’s happened to me AGAIN! I have such bad luck with passports don’t I? In January, Kwang and I applied for new passports. They were done in London, sent back to the embassy in Frankfurt (WTF?!) by mistake, and re-sent back here. We picked them up a mere 3 weeks ago! Now, we’re also New Zealand permanent residents. So we needed our visas transferred. That also had to be done in London. I hated having to send my passport away… call it paranoia, or sixth sense… whatever… I was very wary about parting ways with my passport again. But in the end I thought it’s easier than flying to London for a week to get that done. I sent my old AND new passports (and Kwang’s) to London via registered mail. They confirmed receiving it by phone a few days later.

Here’s the BAD stuff. Today I collected the mail without really looking. Kwang came home from work and sifted through them as he usually does. Then he says the dreaded words… “Bell I think your passport has been STOLEN!” He held up an envelope that had been opened and resealed with sellotape… and a letter from Immigration New Zealand in London saying that my application for visa transfer was approved and to find enclosed, my passports old and new with new resident’s visa. Only problem was that the envelope was empty!

I was shocked… shaking… I picked up the phone to call them, but it was past office hours and I couldn’t get through. I sent a message to Eva who works at the Malaysian embassy here, and she told me to file a police report tomorrow morning before heading over to the embassy to sort it out but getting a replacement would take “forever”.

Seems that Kwang’s passport was not posted with mine. I’ll call them again tomorrow to find out what’s going on. I’m seriously swinging between hopelessness, confusion and anger. Why would anyone send passports… or any important documents via NORMAL AIR MAIL?! It’s so stupid! Biggest problem though it we don’t know Where the dirty deed was done. Could have been anywhere between London and Bern. Could have been taken even before it left London! Could have been taken in the mail rooms here. Who knows? I had hoped it was simply confiscated by Swiss customs officers… but I highly doubt that, cos they would have left some kind of notice of that and not just tape up the envelope and send it on. GRRR!!! ARGH!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?! I’m all distraught! The idea of being stranded in a foreign country with no travel documents is very disconcerting…

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2 Responses to “Not again?!”

  1. Gosh. That’s a really bad thing to hear from you. To make things worse, both times did not happen due to your carelessness like how it usually happens to most people out there.

    I hope that things can be sorted out nicely tomorrow. Till then, don’t worry too much for now k since there’s nothing you can do at the moment. Do update us about it. =)

  2. Bell

    SilverIsle, thanks for the comforting words. Yea, I’m so bummed, losing my passport, and not like I did anything to cause it! Last time I was lucky and it was found, I don’t think I’ll be so lucky this time! 🙁 I just have very bad luck with passports… I’m cursed! Argh!

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