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Funny Korean Video Animation

These animation clips are absolutely hilarious! And you don’t need to understand Korean to have a good laugh at them! I thought I’d share them with you guys. So click on these icons to watch the videos. They will take you to a new page. THERE SHE IS CAKE DANCE Enjoy yourselves!!!

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Asatte no Houkou

There are things you won’t reach even with outstretched hands… There are things that will fade into the distance once you let go… People are always seeking those things… And before they know it, become lost… Asatte no Houkou is one of those rare “shoujou anime” that I watch… shoujou = for girls. I don’t […]

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Kaze ni Naru – To Become the Wind

This is a song that has never failed to make me feel happy on a gloomy day. Same with the anime that accompanies it. Kaze ni Naru is the theme song for a Ghibli Studios movie called Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns). Anyone who hasn’t seen it and enjoys stuff like Totoro or Spirited […]

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Ghost Hunt

I’ve had a nice run with the anime lately. Finished several series recently… all short ones of course. One recent anime is Ghost Hunt, which I finished watching (With Kwang Even! Surprise surprise?! ) about 3 weeks ago but never wrote about… actually finished 2 other anime too… but I’d be overloading myself if I […]

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Saiyuki – Saiyuki Reload – Saiyuki Reload Gunlock

Recently finished some anime and haven’t written anything about it. In fact, I haven’t written an anime post in a long time. I’ve finished more than just these 3 too… Been lazy writing about everyday boring crap… Anyway, Saiyuki is a relatively old series of 50 episodes that aired in 2000 (OK so it’s NOT […]

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