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I will try again tomorrow

upcoming hiatus

This is a kinda short post. Mostly a warning that my blog will be taking a 2 weeks (or more) break real soon. My mum is visiting from NZ, along with MIL (Mother In Law aka Kwang’s mum). For sure they’ll be a handful! Gonna be real tough pleasing not one but TWO mothers… and […]

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hair cut

Believe it or not, I haven’t cut my hair since November 2006!!! That’s right! Since I went back to NZ for my friend Cindy and my sister in law’s weddings. Back then, I’d made a lame attempt at cutting my own hair in Switzerland… and my regular hairdresser could tell… “tut tut tut” he said […]

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Not again?! (Part 2)

What a scare! What a relief! I have good news! I was unable to contact the London embassy office all morning, so I thought it best to just head down to the police station in town to file a report. I waited in the waiting room for a whole hour, to spend 10 minutes reporting […]

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Not again?!

Most people ( I assume) go through life never worrying their passports will be lost or stolen, nor have they ever had these things happen to them… naturally of course, you don’t worry if you don’t experience it. It’s a very very traumatic experience. It is after all the proof of your nationality and citizenship… […]

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Electric fences don’t kill you. I now know for sure. Why? How? Isn’t it obvious? I’m still alive aren’t I? Hehe! I had my first taste of an electric shock today. My finger is still numb from it even as I type this post. *ouch*How did it happen? I was out with Kwang this evening, […]

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