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I will try again tomorrow

Anyone out there still doesn’t know?

I know that not a lot of people frequent my blog anymore. I don’t blame them though, I’ve been totally slack at updating and writing. But I just thought I should make some announcements or confirmations. In case anyone still doesn’t know… I’m Having a Baby. Yes I’m pregnant… due in early December… meaning I’m […]

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Skincare from the kitchen cupboard?

I have a few days off from work. Which gives me the opportunity to focus on caring for myself. Let’s face it… I’m not going to get any younger. I’ll be 30 this year!!! Yikes! I’ve not been sleeping very well recently, I wake up super tired, and people at work have noticed that my […]

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My Wish List

So what if I’m somewhat of a home maker… I like it that way. We live in a very simple apartment with only 1 bedroom and a pretty big but long and narrow living room. It’s quite nicely lit, and that’s one of my favourite things about it. The apartment’s rather plain though… Apart from […]

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new jewelery :)

Got something nice and new today!!! It’s colourful and shiny!!! I’m a total Magpie!!! I like pretty shiny things!!! yay! *happy joy* We were browsing the Bern markets today. We saw this jewelery stand last week and went back again and again wanting another look but they’re (this particular stand) only here once a week […]

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These past 2 days have been a little stressful. Mum and MIL arrived on Wednesday morning. What a handful! My kitchen has run out of space overflowing with stuff that they buy and buy without considering whether or not we can finish eating it all, or if it’s even tasty for that matter! 😛 On […]

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