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I will try again tomorrow

What’s a little fun eh? ;)

For those of you who know where I work… that’s good, but keep it to yourself. For those who don’t know where I work, let’s keep it that way 😉 These are pictures that would probably be best not seen on facebook. This is an exclusive blog-followers-only presentation. At my work place we have a […]

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Get It On (Adults Only? NSFW?) =P

I haven’t updated lately. And I’d really like to post some photos of my snow shoe hiking trip from last weekend but just haven’t get around to it, either I’m working or there were little glitches and problems with the computer which I hope are now cleared up 🙂 Things SHOULD be alright now, but […]

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Have A Smile ^__^

These four gurgling laughing babies sure made my day!!! ^__^  Hope they do for you too! If you can’t view the video, here’s the URL 🙂

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AOLer Translator

I was stumbling websites as I do from time to time and I forgot how much I LOVE Stumbleupon! If you don’t have it, go get it… here. Anyway… I came across this “translator” today… Had a real good laugh translating snippets of my blog posts. Some of it doesn’t make sense and some of […]

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It’s the real stuff!

Passing by a “posh” shop selling furniture and interior decorations stuff after bowling on Saturday night we saw something in the store window that had me in fits of laughter. I first thought it was a pretty good imitation and doubled back for another look… and I saw the sign… I laughed Soooo much I […]

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