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I will try again tomorrow

Skincare from the kitchen cupboard?

I have a few days off from work. Which gives me the opportunity to focus on caring for myself. Let’s face it… I’m not going to get any younger. I’ll be 30 this year!!! Yikes! I’ve not been sleeping very well recently, I wake up super tired, and people at work have noticed that my […]

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Deep frying tip

This post is for people like me who like to deep fry but don’t know what to do with the oil later on because it smells funny. Well… it smells like whatever you were frying… in my case, usually chicken or fish. There is now a solution… a tip I saw somewhere but have yet […]

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Mango and Pumpkin Red Curry with Scampi

THE COOK IS BACK!!! I know I know… I DO actually cook, even when I’m not blogging about it! Just that I’m so lazy to blog about it… and I have been rather slack about photographing it all and posting them up. I do occasionally upload some photos of food on facebook but that’s easy, […]

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I baked some awesome chili fish with sour cream and breadcrumbs just a couple of days ago… it was delicious! But it was a first time thing, and I forgot to take pictures and it’s all eaten up now… oops! Too bad… I’ll try to remember if I cook it again >.<

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Vienna (part 1)

FINALLY! I hear all the intermittent readers out there heave a huge sigh of relief at not having to see “Oops” at the top of the page anymore. Well, guess what? It’s a relief for me too. I’ve been wanting to update for the longest time… and I know it’s slow going… I haven’t exactly […]

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