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I will try again tomorrow

What a disaster

Sunday was my 5 yr wedding anniversary as well as Switzerland’s national holiday. Kwang and I thought we might go to Gruyères (yes where the cheese comes from). Gruyères is a nice old medieval town on top of a hill by the Swiss alps… They have a castle, and a couple of cheese dairies that […]

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Easter Weekend

It’s been a while. I’m constantly apologising. *sighs* I know I keep saying I will update my blog and I know many of you are tired of waiting. hehe! In any case, As you can tell I got back from Malaysia in one piece… probably a little heavier. I had a great time seeing family […]

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I havent’ updated in a long long long time. What’s new eh? Haha! Well Just a short note now. I might try to update more often. I always say that but really how often do I get around to it? I’m a bum… a lazy bum bum! Anyway… I’m off on holiday in 2 days! […]

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Hypothetical Question…

FIrst things first… Kwang and I have booked our tickets to go home – Look Out Everyone In Kuching! – for a couple of weeks from Feb 13- 28. Hooray! We’ll be joining the rest of Kwang’s Family – Mother, Sister, Brother in law, and niece – who will be flying in from Christchurch. Naturally some […]

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Vienna (part 2)

I think it’s time I got on with trying to update on the next part of our Vienna holiday in MAY!!! *shock horror* This is somewhat shameful. I don’t blog quite as much as I used to… mostly because I’ve gotten lazy. But I try not to force it. Anyway, here goes… Day 4 Our […]

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