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I will try again tomorrow


Winter is the perfect time of year to go to the hot springs! So Kwang and I made ourselves a trip yesterday. It was great! Of course nowhere near as secluded and peaceful as Maruia Springs back in NZ, but also nowhere near as stinky! Haha! Leukerbad is a small town/resort up in the mountains […]

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Happy Belated New Year – Here is my resolution

Happy New Year! I haven’t written since October though not too much has happened since then. I’ve been a few places and done a few things but I guess now with a new year and a new start I should probably talk about goals and whatnot? It’s a strange feeling. I’ve been overseas pretty much […]

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Do dragons live in your trees?

So I just had to share a little snippet of insanity. Some of you on facebook know that I’m sick… although by the time you actually read this I might already be recovered. Whatever the case, I fell sick yesterday… I woke up super tired and with a sore throat. Shrugging it off I went […]

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Hooray! I fixed my blog! What? You didn’t notice? *sobs* I has a sad… 🙁 No… I felt like writing something last week (I know!!! Procrastinator right?!) and I came to see what I last wrote, but there was a FATAL ERROR! Oh No! I’mma gonna die if I don’t fixit!! No… really, there was […]

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I bought a new “Pet” today. Well it’s actually a plant. Ok… a ball of moss… and if you want to be really correct it’s algae. WHAT?! You think I’m crazy don’t you? Who in their right mind would buy a ball of algae?! Hah!!! That’s where you’re wrong! You see… Marimo is a very […]

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