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I will try again tomorrow

Winter is Coming

It’s the truth! The days are getting shorter, the air has a sharp chill in it always. Days are cool and nights are cold. As our big move draws ever closer, The weather isn’t exactly helping me feel motivated to pack and sort my things. I really need to get my arse into gear. With […]

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Leaving Switzerland

How long has it been since my last post? Too long. A lot has happened since. As a family we went home for Chinese New Year in February, and there we spoke to many friends and family members who either never left or have returned to live and work from overseas. After much discussion we […]

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Sick Baby

Is it this about to turn into a mama blog? Maybe… maybe not. Abigail is sick. has had a very high fever of 39.4 degrees since yesterday. Of course medicines like baby ibuprofen syrup help lower the temperature but only for a few hours and then it begins all over again. I called her doctor […]

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I’ve been wondering and wondering… Should I begin blogging again? Is it worth it? Do I have the time and energy to do this? It’s hard to say. I come by and type something and delete it before it reaches a couple of paragraphs long because it’s just so boring. I rarely cook anything interesting, […]

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I honestly don’t know what to name this post cos there are many little things to say… And by little I mean…. insignificantly small things… Over the (western) new year I took up snowboarding… but only managed to go twice. I had lessons in France, and then went with Kwang and his colleagues for a […]

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