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I will try again tomorrow

Wasted 4 days!

I’m really pissed off right now! Last week I ordered some shrimps for my aquarium from Germany. They were supposed to send it to me by express post on Monday so I spent the day preparing my tank for new arrivals on Tuesday. I waited at home on Tuesday and got an email in the […]

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Bad reaction

Oh what have I done? I have been trying out some skin care “recipes” at home that I find online. Well on Friday I actually tried a puffy-eye-reduction treatment. It says to grate some cucumber and some potato and put them into disposable teabags, you can buy ones that you fill yourself with tea leaves…. […]

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Curiosity Killed The Cat

Or in this case… curiosity killed my shrimps. For me to complain about this I first have to explain water. There’s hard water and soft water. Hard water contains minerals like calcium or lime, magnesium and other trace minerals… they’re what makes the white stuff that accumulates on the inside of your water kettle. Soft […]

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So much to do and so little time! So much time and so little to do! That’s how conflicted I am right now. My cousins are visiting today! All the way from NZ! I haven’t seen them in over 4 yrs… possibly 5 in fact! See… I can’t remember the last time I saw them… […]

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blah blah rah rah…

Kwang left this morning for Stockholm. He’ll be there for a week for a conference. I will join him in exactly 1 week’s time, next Friday. In the mean time I’ll man (or woman) the fort (apartment) and suffer on my own. It does not promise to be a good week and I do not […]

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