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I will try again tomorrow

Bad reaction

Oh what have I done? I have been trying out some skin care “recipes” at home that I find online. Well on Friday I actually tried a puffy-eye-reduction treatment. It says to grate some cucumber and some potato and put them into disposable teabags, you can buy ones that you fill yourself with tea leaves…. […]

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Skincare from the kitchen cupboard?

I have a few days off from work. Which gives me the opportunity to focus on caring for myself. Let’s face it… I’m not going to get any younger. I’ll be 30 this year!!! Yikes! I’ve not been sleeping very well recently, I wake up super tired, and people at work have noticed that my […]

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Blob Babies!!!

This is my 2nd post today… Mum usually has be order some herbal supplements over the internet for her. Of course it all gets sent directly to our house in NZ, or I’d die from postage costs! She also convinced me to buy one of the products for my own use… so… yesterday I began […]

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My head feels about to explode. And while I’m not shivering, my whole body feels… how would I describe this feeling… like it’s vibrating (?)… I know it’s a little confusing but it’s like I can feel my cells moving and my blood coursing through my veins… my muscles are stiff but not sore. My […]

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A few mundane things to talk about…

Just as the post title says… just a few little ramblings on what’s going on. Nothing exciting… no need to read this even! I leave that choice to the reader… tis your eyes that burn, not mine 😛 First things first, about the problem in my previous post… I managed to fix/revive my visual text […]

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