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I will try again tomorrow

Dear Husband

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to KwangKwang! My Favourite Husband! I mean… my ONLY Husband! Tee Hee! Love you muchie muchie! ♥♥♥ I hope you know that! *MWAH* Looking forward to dinner tonight! ^___^

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Happy Birthday to ME~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… ME!!! I’m now 26!! *sobs* *wish* I would like to turn into a beautiful swan!~ This will be my first time ever spending my birthday without my friends and family around me. It will also be my first birthday spent alone with Kwang. I’m post-dating this blog entry, so as of the […]

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Happy Birthday Mei Lin~

Today is the Birthday of someone very dear to me… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… MEI LIN!!! Happy 26th!! Cousin, Best Friend, No matter how far apart we are, through the years you’ve always been here for me… Von Herzen… From the heart…

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Happy Birthday Mum!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… MUM!!! Happy 61st!! Love you!! oops! Was that supposed to be a secret!? It’s OK. You look nothing like 61!!! The happiest person I know wearing a bird for a hat ^_^

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Happy Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… KWANG!!! Happy 26th!! *muaks* Love you!! Now, Kwang’s not the only one with a birthday today… Also!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… GREER!!! Happy 25th!!! You’ve officially hit the quarter century mark… *hugz*

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