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I will try again tomorrow

Cellphone rehab?!

I’ve long had issues when it comes to kids with cellphones. In my opinion, children – and by that I mean kids age under 15 – really shouldn’t have cellphones. Why 15? Well, in most cases, you can’t legally work until you’re 15… apart from some places where kids deliver papers or flyers to mailboxes […]

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It pays to smile

I read in the news today (CNN website) something utterly amazing! I’ve copied the entire article rather than link it, mostly because it’s a very short article but also I really want you to read it and people are perpetually lazy to follow links. It’s about a waitress who has had to deal with a […]

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Got the blues? Try a cold shower

I read this morning on Discovery News that there is a new potential treatment for depression… that involves a simple cold shower… apparently it’s a shock to your system that stimulates noradrenaline production in your brain which counters the effects of depression. Theory goes that people these days don’t get enough exercise or “physiological stress” […]

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Girl with eight limbs

In India there is a two year old girl, Lakshmi Tatma, who is scheduled for surgery on November 7th to remove her parasitic twin sister. A Parasitic Twin develops (or not) when a twin embryo stops growing and fails to separate. It is then fully dependent on the “host” sibling, leeching blood and nutrients through […]

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Handphones AGAIN~

I was getting all worked up about kids with cellphones just a few days ago… Then… on the train this morning I read in the paper that in Switzerland almost 50% (49%) of children between the ages 8 and 14 have a bloody cellphone! Arggh!!~ *ripping out hair* They’re everywhere………….

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