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I will try again tomorrow

Anyone out there still doesn’t know?

I know that not a lot of people frequent my blog anymore. I don’t blame them though, I’ve been totally slack at updating and writing. But I just thought I should make some announcements or confirmations. In case anyone still doesn’t know… I’m Having a Baby. Yes I’m pregnant… due in early December… meaning I’m […]

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sad news

I haven’t posted anything in the longest time. Simply been lazy or preoccupied. But today something has prompted me to write again. Lots of things have been accumulating to make thing possibly one of my worst days ever. These past few days I’ve been feeling increasingly homesick though I’ve said nothing about it… it was […]

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Not again?! (Part 2)

What a scare! What a relief! I have good news! I was unable to contact the London embassy office all morning, so I thought it best to just head down to the police station in town to file a report. I waited in the waiting room for a whole hour, to spend 10 minutes reporting […]

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Not again?!

Most people ( I assume) go through life never worrying their passports will be lost or stolen, nor have they ever had these things happen to them… naturally of course, you don’t worry if you don’t experience it. It’s a very very traumatic experience. It is after all the proof of your nationality and citizenship… […]

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Congratulations are in order!

This past two weeks I’ve heard some very special news from friends and family half the world away in the Land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa, better known as New Zealand (where I spent much of my growing up). I want to write this in my blog, regardless of whether or not this news […]

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