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I will try again tomorrow

What’s a little fun eh? ;)

For those of you who know where I work… that’s good, but keep it to yourself. For those who don’t know where I work, let’s keep it that way 😉 These are pictures that would probably be best not seen on facebook. This is an exclusive blog-followers-only presentation. At my work place we have a […]

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Vienna (part 2)

I think it’s time I got on with trying to update on the next part of our Vienna holiday in MAY!!! *shock horror* This is somewhat shameful. I don’t blog quite as much as I used to… mostly because I’ve gotten lazy. But I try not to force it. Anyway, here goes… Day 4 Our […]

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Vienna (part 1)

FINALLY! I hear all the intermittent readers out there heave a huge sigh of relief at not having to see “Oops” at the top of the page anymore. Well, guess what? It’s a relief for me too. I’ve been wanting to update for the longest time… and I know it’s slow going… I haven’t exactly […]

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A little bit of Neuchâtel

Since I began working a few months back, I’ve had to travel over an hour each day to get to work. I figured rather than paying for every trip, I could get a pass. Most people who commute to work here have one. It’s convenient. There are many types, all round passes, weekly, monthly, per […]

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Snow-Shoe Hike 25-26 Jan 2009

Hooray for me! I am FINALLY updating my blog properly for the first time since the end of January! (as you can see from the title) It’s been a while… and I have to admit that I’ve had many opportunities to update, but quite simply procrastinated over and over again. I work now, not full […]

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