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I will try again tomorrow

Desktop Free View

I Don’t generally like tags… but I’m afraid of the consequences of disobeying Criz! He might strike me down with thunder and lightning! Haha! Just kidding! No biggie here. It’s nice and simple. So here’s my desktop ^_^ *shy* No real explanation required, native to tropical Asia and Australia, Hoya subquintuplinervis —the wax plant— This […]

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tag tag tag… whatever…

Argh! Geneoga lost his “Tag Virginity” to Kimiko, then he took mine too! *grumble grumble* I’ve never done this before, but I’ll give it a go. For future reference, never tag me again ^_^ And here I copy and paste instructions… rumour has it… “Blogger Idham has pledged to donate RM 127.00 to the Darul […]

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Yesterday began the first episode of Our (Kwang and I) little project, which is also the reason I was able to get this new blog. We’ve started a site called German Word Daily which allows anyone interested in learning some German words and sentences to learn one new word a day. There are many such […]

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